Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baked Goods: Biscuits & Doughnuts


After watching many tutorials on many different items and techniques, I decided that baked goods would be an easy way to start

My very first project was biscuits – just about the easiest thing I could think of doing, yet there are things I would change.  I didn’t quite have a handle on the pastels, and over-colored a few of the biscuits.  Next time I do them, I’m also going to make sure I put some more texture on them!
I used a mix of translucent and ecru (I think that’s the name!) Premo for the dough color, and found that the aluminum straw I purchased from Maverick some years ago seemed to be the perfect size!


I had a whole bunch of dough color left over, and delved into other types of baked goods.  The next easiest thing I could think of was doughnuts!

I used the same aluminum straw for the doughnuts and made the center hole out of one of my ball tools.

The glazed doughnuts were dusted with light brown pastels (much less, this time), and dipped in Triple Thick glaze.

For the chocolate frosted doughnuts, I didn’t do any pastels, and dipped them in brown water-based craft paint.

I’m happy with how both of these turned out, though I do wish the brown paint was a little bit less matte.


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