Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baked Goods: Cookies

I felt like I needed to continue to use up my dough color, and moved on to cookies.

This next experiment is semi-failed! I used a drinking straw as a cutter, and the dough from the original biscuit project.

I originally wanted to do a bright pink frosting. I (poorly) mixed clear Tacky Glue and red clay – it looked plenty smooth when applying it, but as the glue dried, it became evidently lumpy. I’m now calling these ‘jam cookies’, since they’re not quite tart-like, and the topping looks quite like strawberry jam. (I’ll have to keep that in mind for when I actually do need strawberry jam!


Continuing on the cookie theme, I really wanted to do some chocolate chip cookies, and had read in various places that Micro Beads are a perfect chocolate chip…..however after 5 craft store visits, I gave up and made my own ‘chips’ from a soft baked chocolate-colored snake.

I mixed the chips into a small lump of the dough color, and used a plastic drinking straw as a cutter. I slightly squished the circles and dusted them with pastels, and I once again, I over-did it a little bit. (But I am prone to over-cooking real cookies, I think this is only fair!)


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