Sunday, September 25, 2011

Miniatures Project

My good friend Holly came up with a fabulous idea to do a medieval (or renaissance) dinner scene, but I was having a hard time coming up with a picture that had full tables – paintings and frescos of dinner and feast scenes seem to be fairly devoid of the heaping platters of food one imagines when thinking of such images!

However, there are plenty of paintings of the ‘lower classes’ selling all kinds of food, and quite a few kitchen scenes overflowing with all manner of foodstuffs.

After browsing through various paintings, I decided on “The Fruit Seller” by Campi. 

Miniature_Campi Fruit Seller

I picked this one because of the wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and the fact that there is only one ‘main character’!  (I’m still really nervous about doll making after my first, very poor attempt.)

I’m pretty excited about this project, and the best thing about it is there are quite a few different skills that I will be able to hone by going through the entire painting.

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  1. How COOL!!! When I come up I wanna see your tineh ittle food! :)